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"Cherise is so thorough and incredibly helpful! She focused so much on the whole person and not just specific symptoms. Cherise was available to answer my (MANY) questions and was great at following up with me about how things were going and the next steps. Highly recommend!"

- Marci

"Working with Cherise Pendleton was such a wonderful experience! Life is busy and crazy, and coaching helped me understand more about myself, about what my priorities are, and about what really makes me happy. So grateful for the experience of having someone to support me in that journey!"

- Rachel

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"I have been working with Cherise to reduce my Cholesterol and get off statins, and to quit smoking. With her help in adjusting my diet and incorporating exercise, I have lost 21 lbs. and reduced my use of statins. I hope that when I go to the doctor I will no longer be on statins. My last blood test saw my bad cholesterol (LDL) reduced from 266 to 86 and my good cholesterol (HDL) was up 50. After over 50 years of smoking, I stopped after three months. I learned to use tools Cherise gave me to break the nicotine habit. Breaking a habit is not easy, but I did it.

We also incorporated supplements, which have increased my energy and given me an all-around great feeling. The most important thing to me is working with Cherise.  She listens, and works with you. Cherise guides you in making the changes that will help you meet your goals, and she explains what the change is and why you should make it. "

- Diane


"Knowledgeable, friendly, individualized, and comprehensive. Cherise's rich educational background and an extensive list of qualifications blend perfectly with her personalized approach and her concern for the whole person. She is able to meet people where they are and then bring to higher levels of health and wellness than they ever thought possible. Every one that she has worked with not only considers her a great coach but also a dear friend. I am currently a medical student and look forward to referring many of my patients to her in the future." 

- Brett


"I would like to share my experience with Cherise as my health and wellness practitioner. I have been suffering with vestibular migraines for over 7 years. My headaches were so bad they would last for days and weeks. I spent a lot of time in bed. I was on medications that were not really helping and were not good for my health. It was not long after Cherise started working with me that I began to see a huge difference. Following her recommendations, doing things that I could do at home, I reduced my headaches down to two a month, and eventually eliminated them altogether.  Using the tools Cherise gave me, I can stop headaches before they start.  I no longer have migraines.

Part of the process was being tested for food and chemical sensitivities. I have to say some of the results shocked me.  However, we successfully substituted alternate items for those that my body did not like. Making some changes was hard but so worth it. Eating right is something I always wanted to do but didn’t know how to do it. Cherise helped me to do that.

Cherise, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for me! I have more energy to get things done and enjoy life. You have changed my life."

- Maria

positively well cherise pendleton success stories testimonials health coaching and lifestyle medicine

"Having Cherise help me was life changing.  I was experiencing frequent debilitating pain in my neck that would not go away.  Everything I tried, including over-the-counter drugs did not work.  I went to see my doctor who said it appeared to be arthritis in my neck, but he wanted to get some x-rays to be sure.  After reviewing the x-rays, the doctor confirmed arthritis and told me the treatment would be a lifetime of physical therapy and muscle relaxers as needed for pain.  I talked with Cherise and her collaborating physician who told me there may be another cause to my condition, but to be sure, they wanted to run a sensitivity test.  What came back from the test surprised me.  The test showed I had an extreme sensitivity to whey protein, which as a body builder I was eating in large quantities every day!  As it turned out, my problem was not arthritic but a reaction to a substance I was eating!  Following Cherise’s recommendation, I stopped eating whey protein immediately and in one short week, the problem disappeared completely and has never returned.  No arthritis, no physical therapy, no muscle relaxers with all their side effects, no neck pain!  I can only imagine where I would be had I not met and had Cherise’s help.  What started with my neck would probably have spread to other parts of my body and continued to cause problems, destroying my life and costing me a fortune.  I’m amazed that no one ever considered the cause of my pain and focused instead on treating the symptoms.  Cherise, I can’t thank you enough!"

- Larry