What Is Emotional Resilience And Why Is It Good?

Resilience means ability to withstand whatever stresses life throws at us. Emotional resilience is positive emotional health. And positive emotional health promotes physical health. There are direct physiological benefits and increased ability to recover from stressors with positive emotional health.

How can you increase emotional resilience? Observing the behavior of happy people can offer some possible strategies.

1. Behave as Happy People do

Extroverts tend to have a more positive mood. Talking more, being more assertive and confident and bold has been found to increase levels of positive emotions.

What Is Emotional Resilience And Why Is It Good?blog post positivelywell.com Cherise Pendleton health coaching

2. Engage in Enjoyable Activities 

In short, "participation," in activities that you enjoy increase positive mood. Activities that are meaningful, pleasurable and move toward goals especially enhance positive emotion.

3. Share with Others 

As simple as sharing a compliment or meal. Sharing positive news creates even more positive emotion.

4. Lend a Hand 

Service or altruistic behavior without the expectation of reward is associated with higher levels of well-being. Acts of kindness. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting a few drops on yourself."

What Is Emotional Resilience And Why Is It Good? blog post positivelywell.com Cherise Pendleton health coaching

5. Take Nature Break

Natural places like parks, fields, or even the backyard are restorative and increase positive emotion.

6. Be Physically Active 

Movement and exercise crease short-term increases in positive mood. Aerobic activity seems to be most elevating. So, if you are feeling down, go for a walk, bike ride or swim.

7. Increase Mindful Awareness 

Mindfulness is being attentive to the present, the day-to-day activities, you are regularly engaged in. Acting in ways that are consistent with your inner values and interests increase positive emotion. A sense of autonomy and awareness of self are the results. Randomized clinical trials show improved well-being in those who are healthy and those managing chronic disease. So, take some time for mediation, prayer or just quiet time.

Positive emotion in daily life may be a key to developing emotional and physical resilience.





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