How To Fit Exercise Into Your Life

Developing new exercise habits can provide astounding physical and mental benefits in a very short period of time.

It may seem overwhelming, but when it comes to staying fit and healthy, all you need to do is find the minimum 2 and a half hours every week for some physical activity or exercise during the holidays or any days.

You can hit the treadmill while watching your weekly reality show or while listening to a podcast or your favorite music. Get up from your computer chair at work and stand during conference calls or when checking email. Start with prioritizing 15 to 30 minute physical activity sessions most days of each week. 


You know your personal schedule. And if you are honest with yourself, you can find ten 15 minute, or five 30 minute time periods in your weekly routine that can be used to help you achieve your physical activity goals.

Just remember why you are doing it, develop a plan at the beginning of every week. Write that plan down and take action.  This is how I take my clients through the health coaching process.  Setting small goals and building from there leads to successful change.

There are 2 things to remember for exercise to become a habit:

#1 – You need to stop thinking of exercise as exercise

Exercise doesn't have to be lifting weights in a smelly gym full of intimidating bodybuilders. And you don't have to run 5 miles at a time or join expensive health clubs.

It can be good to forget the word "exercise." Think "physical activity" instead of exercising or working out. Because honestly, being moderately physically active on a regular basis is all you need to enjoy the fat-burning, muscle-building, body-toning, and wellness benefits of physical activity.

Just 2 and a half hours of moderate physical activity weekly (walking briskly, playing with your kids or grand kids, practicing yoga or Pilates, cycling or hiking) is all the "exercise" you need to work into your busy schedule.


#2 – You need to figure out your big "Why?"

Think about the benefits of physical activity and what it will do for you.  Use the "what's in it for me" truism to your advantage. Discover the real reason you want to get more physical activity.

This is your big "Why?"  It is extremely powerful. Maybe you want to spend as much time as possible with your grandchildren. Perhaps you are tired of being sick and tired. You may even want to drop the weight and get in shape to attract your dream partner, to feel good when you look in the mirror, or you simply want to look and feel good! Physical activity is essential for all health and wellness goals.

Whatever it is, discover the "Why?" that motivates your exercise efforts. Then it’s easier to be motivated and actually do it.


What to Do Next

You can read all you like about exercise and why it's so important and how to it into your life, but all the physical fitness knowledge in the world won't help you if you don’t do it. It is usually realistic for people to find 2 and a half hours of time in their weekly schedules.  You can start with 1 hour a week and build by a half hour each week until you are doing at least 2 and half hours of some physical activity each week.

Get started today, prioritizing your time for enjoyable physical activities like cycling, yoga, hiking, Pilates, dancing or playing sports with your family. Of course, if you like to run or go to the gym, that is awesome and keep doing that, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Most people are successful when they consciously do “fun” and simple activities. Those activities, performed on a consistent basis, will eventually become a beautiful habit. You will be healthier, stronger and sharper. You will also feel and look better. Any ailments you may have will improve with physical activity.

Make your goal to consciously schedule 2 and a half physically active hours each week. Try to stick to a consistent schedule for at least 4 to 6 weeks. You will eventually find yourself turning your conscious efforts into unconscious habits.  

Exercise is an essential part of a wellness plan, and I work with my clients’ individual strengths to gradually add effective physical activity or movement into their lives.  Try these tips above as part of your wellness plan! Your body will thank you.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call HERE to get more help with your individual wellness plan and resolve your chronic health challenges. You don’t have to live with ailments like fatigue, pain and weight management.  Give me a call, and let’s get you feeling great!  It isn’t complicated, and we will look at your own individual, biochemical makeup to create and implement the best plan for you.