How To Use Exercise To Help You Reach Your Health And Weight-Loss Goals

“Accountability” is when you take responsibility for your actions. When you “own” them.

And it’s key to improving your health and wellness.

Have you ever bought a book or program with the absolute best intentions of following it to a “Tee?” Have you ever not followed it completely? Life gets in the way. We get too tired or busy and let a day or two slide. Then, sometimes, we completely fall off the bandwagon.


This happens to the best of us - Yes, even to me! You can have all the right information, but the implementation is the hard part. 

Accountability is more of the “doing” than the “knowing.” It’s when you already know what you should be doing; but, doing it doesn’t always happen. And accountability, when you know someone is measuring or checking your actions, makes you more likely to do them.

What are some options for accountability? 


1. Start an activity journal - Just writing down the amount of exercise you do each day can increase your accountability. You can use a calendar or a blank notebook. 

For each day record: 

  • Time/duration;

  • Which exercise is done;

  • Distance or repetitions;

  • Intensity (easy/moderate/vigorous);

  • Notes or comments (what improvements you can make for next time); and, 

  • How you feel afterwards - Use this last item to motivate yourself to capture that feeling again.

*Bonus points for logging what and how much you eat every day. That will help keep you accountable on the nutrition side too.  I like the MyFitnessPal app for this, but there are plenty of other apps. Most of my clients do well with hard copy journal pages that they can post on the refrigerator, etc. You can google fitness or wellness journal for options or create your own.


2. Get an “accountability buddy” - Find a workout buddy. Someone who you can go for walks or to the gym with. If not, ask someone you trust to follow up with you every few days on your tracked activities. Make sure they know your “why” and can remind you of it when you need it. Have them spend a few minutes reviewing your journal/tracker and give you some “tough love” from time to time. 

3. Hire a health coach (like me). I love supporting people who are on a path to better health. I help you change your life and environment to overcome illness and manage overall wellness.  Think of me as a highly educated nutrition, wellness, bio-individuality and mentoring “guide.”  Contact me here.

Where to start

You don’t need to exercise like crazy to improve your health and lose weight. You just need to do it regularly. Here are my recommended steps:

  • Talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

  • Start from where you are and do a bit more every day.

  • Always remember your “why.”

  • Use a fitness journal, app or worksheets daily. Track your exercise and what you eat and drink too.

  • If you need an accountability buddy, ask a trusted friend or family member to help; or contact me (your health coach) HERE for a complimentary consultation call to see how I can support you.